Beginner armors in Minecraft dungeons

Wed Jan 25. 2023

Beginner armors in Minecraft dungeons

You can choose from many different armor sets within Minecraft Dungeons. Minecraft has many options for armor. You can choose from leather, chain or iron as well as diamond and netherite. Minecraft has a much larger selection of mobs, weapons and armor.

While armor can be used to aid Minecraft Dungeons players in some ways, the benefits that armor offers go beyond traditional protection. There are many great armor sets available that can be used at different levels or for different purposes. These are the top choices for beginners.

5 options for armor for Minecraft Dungeons players

5) Mercenary Armor

Mercenary Armor provides stat-boosting effects for offense and defense. It also reduces damage by 35% and gives players and their allies a 20% increase in weapon damage. This makes it an excellent armor for all games, not just early game. Although it lacks any special effects, the Mercenary Armor is straightforward and to the point. That is, keeping players safe.

4) Evocation Robe

The Evocation Robe, on the other hand, prioritizes the effects over standard protection. It will not only increase defensive stats for the player but it will also increase speed of allies and players, which can make a big difference when you are facing tough levels. You also get more value from reducing artifact cooldown.

3) Hunter's Armor

Hunter's Armor is easily found in Creeper Woods. This armor is ideal for ranged players as it increases damage and increases the number of arrows per package. Although it is not as effective for melee attackers this is a great choice for ranged players in Minecraft Dungeons.

2) Reinforced mail

Although it takes a bit longer to obtain this one than the others, it is still quite strong for beginners. This one has a 30% chance of completely negating enemy attacks. Players can therefore withstand more mob attacks.

1) Plate Armor

Although it is more difficult to find, this armor can negate enemy attacks. This armor also offers extra health (118), 35% reduction in damage, and a longer roll cooldown of 100%. This is the most useful defensive armor set in the early game, and it's undoubtedly the best.