Best sword enchants in Minecraft 1.18

The most famous weapon in Minecraft is the sword, the diamond sword being the most popular merchandise item. These swords are very useful in-game, as they can be used to quickly defend against hostile mobs that roam the Minecraft dimensions.

Combining enchanting with an item that increases its usefulness exponentially, swords can be game-changing. They can deal extra damage, get better drops and set everything on fire.

Minecraft 1.18 The best 5 sword enchantments

5) Mending

Repairs can be made to lost duration on items held, armor worn, and items in the player’s offhand. For every experience in an adventure orb, the repair rate is equal two durability. Multiple mending items may be available. One is selected at random for every experience orb. No item or location is given priority.

Mending is the most powerful enchantment in the game. It can be combined with other enchantments to mean that any item a player owns that is fully enchanted has an infinite lifespan, provided the player makes the effort to fix it when it becomes less durable. A player can only fully enchant one sword during the game.

The enchantment on its own is not as powerful as the other options for swords.

4) Fire Aspect

There are two levels to the Fire aspect. Each level adds four seconds to the target’s burning time. This enchantment does three damage or 1.5 hearts of damage over a period of four seconds. The second level of the fire aspect deals seven damage or 3.5 heart of fire damage.

You can stack the fire aspect with any of the damage-enhancing enchantments such as sharpness, smite or bane of archipods. The fire aspect can be stacked with other enchantments to increase its bonus damage.

Any mob that would normally drop raw beef will also drop cooked meat. Example: Cows that are killed by a fire element sword or die from fire damage will drop steak, instead of raw beef.

3) Looting

Looting can have multiple effects that are all amazing. First, the maximum number for most common drops goes up by one per level. If the first attempt fails, it makes rare drops more likely to drop. Level / (level + 1) is the success rate of the second attempt.

2) Smite

Smite is one of the most powerful damage-enhancing enchantments in the game. It also has the highest damage bonus enchantment. The undead mobs are not eligible for the additional damage. The undead mob list is extensive and includes the Wither. This makes the enchantment still very useful, despite the additional restrictions. This is the complete list of mobs that are applicable:

Each level’s extra damage equals 2.5, and each level adds 1.25 hearts. This adds up to 12.5 additional damage when you smite five.

1) Sharpness

Sharpness is an enormous enchantment that can be used to enhance swords. Sharpness is a powerful enchantment for swords that can be used to increase damage. It applies to all mobs in the game and not just a subsection. Different formulae are used to give this bonus damage in different versions of the game.

This bonus damage is equal 0.5 * level + 0.25 on the Java Edition. At sharpness 5, the Java Edition player receives three extra hearts or 1.5 additional damage.

The damage bonus on the Bedrock Edition is much higher. Each level, the enchantment does 1.25 additional damage. Sharpness five gives Bedrock Players a huge increase in damage, 6.25 or 3.125 heart damage.

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