Bucket uses in Minecraft

Tue Jan 3. 2023

Bucket uses in Minecraft

One of the most useful items you can find in Minecraft is the bucket. You can carry tons of items in buckets, each of which has a purpose. A few mobs can be collected in buckets which is useful for certain pets and building.

This is how you can get a Minecraft bucket and what you can put in it.

Both in Java Edition and Bedrock Edition buckets can spawn at the following locations with the following spawn opportunities:

Crafting is another way to obtain buckets. This is the easiest way to get one. One bucket can be made with three iron ingots. They can also be found in a few locations through natural generation.

Minecraft players should have lava and water in their buckets. Water can be used to water plants and remove fall damage. Lava buckets are the best fuel source and can be used to make Nether portals.

Buckets can be used for many other purposes. An empty bucket can be used to milk a cow, goat, or mooshroom. Simply place the bucket on top of the cow, mooshroom or goat to milk them. This is the only way to get milk. You can use milk to make items such as cake, or remove status effects.

A bucket can be used to catch all fish such as cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish. It can be challenging to click the fish with a bucket. You can place them in different water bodies as they will die if they are dropped on dry land.

After the latest update, powdered snow can easily be collected in a bucket. Axolotls are a Minecraft 1.17 add-on. They can only be collected in buckets. They can be placed on land or in the water. However, they will swim away or crawl away once they have spawned underground.